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August 16, 2012



You changed ;) I want to know what Pixel is learning. It's so fun to learn new things and remember old lessons.

For instance I have forgotten almost all the California History I learned. I least I think I was required to learn it. Maybe between schools I skipped it. Anyway, I wish I had more of a grasp of that history. I was thinking of picking up a book about it.

Josh and I were both huge whittlers. One Summer I tried my hand at bent wood furniture too. Soaking the wood really exercised my patience.


Hello lovely Miss Desi. Yes we are shaking things up around here! I will keep you posted about what Pixel is required to learn and what she migrates toward on her own as well (which is, as you know, worth noting). Do you have any of your whittling or wood projects still? Shaping things with the hands is so gratifying isn't it?


I don't have any of my wood projects. I'm sure my mom does. I'm not very sentimental.

Yes, making things with your hands is very satisfying. I love projects. Maybe a little too much.

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