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July 11, 2007



That pizza looks great! I have never been successful with pizza dough, but I like the look of your bases. Do you roll it out quite thickly or is that just the quantity of yeast?


Holler, Thanks for coming by Vegetarian Foodie.

In regards to the pizza dough, I think I just got lucky after a few trial and errors! Once the dough has risen for a second time, roll it out as much as you can-not too thin or thick but really as much as the present ball of dough allows without tearing when you go to transfer it to a pan (does that make sense?)

I would love to hear how your pizza turns out!


It looks like Holler's pizza turned out good. Too good for me not to post the link. :)

Hopefully I'll get to try making it soon. :)


Wendy, I agree. Holler's pizza turned out gorgeous!

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Wow that looks very delicious. Everyone must have been thoroughly satisfied. Thanks for sharing.

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